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Curetis Develops Miniature Laboratory for DNA Analysis at the Touch of a Button:  Secure Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in a Few Hours
(BUSINESS WIRE ) (Stuttgart , 02/04/2014 )

Curetis from Holzgerlingen in Böblingen developed analyzers for the detection of infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance . The miniature laboratories deliver in a few hours the results of a DNA analysis. Doctors who had to wait up to four days at a diagnosis so far , can now begin after a few hours with the appropriate therapy.

In the fight against infectious diseases, it is crucial that pathogens and antibiotic resistance are detected as quickly as possible in order to timely initiate the appropriate therapy. For nearly 100 years, to the diagnostic method to cultivate bacteria on a nutrient medium , to then analyze , changed little. Until there is a result , generally takes several days – too much time in which patients are treated incorrectly with a relatively large probability.

The medical technology company Curetis from the STERN has developed a practical solution to identify the bacteria by DNA analysis without high technology laboratories within a few hours exactly . The complex work steps of the preparation of the sample to detect the DNA in this development must not be carried out by hand , but run in a compact analyzer that is just as big as a laser printer, automatically. ” The handling of the Unyvero system is so simple that it can also serve a tired night nurse at three clock in the morning ,” explains Johannes Bacher, Chief Operating Officer of Curetis .

The analyzer is equipped for the detection of various infections with disposable cartridges. These include several membranes , each with 49 measurement points for pathogens and antibiotic resistance . The first cartridge for the diagnosis of pneumonia since 2012 is already on the market ; the development of an implant and tissue infection cartridge is currently running at full speed. More cartridges for diagnosis of infectious diseases will follow in the coming years.

The 96 plastic parts that are built into each cartridge , put robots in the clean room together automatically. “Our production line for miniature laboratories is a masterpiece of engineering ,” says Johannes Bacher says. The mini-lab of Curetis – whose unique way of working is now seen in the film – also proves the success of the cluster initiative Engineering – Life Sciences – Automation ( ELSA ) . For the fully automated production process of diagnosis cartridges connects life sciences with high-tech engineering and enables production of up to one million cartridges per year.

A new STERN film makes the automated production of the miniature laboratories of Curetis even clearer :