Adaptive Trial Transition

Utilize Insightful Trial Management to Make Improvements Before it is Too Late

GBC provides trial transition and rescue services to get underperforming trials back on course.  This includes implementing protocol changes and revisions, expanding or re-configuring a clinical network to meet enrollment goals, or making changes with other strategic study partners.  GBC trial adaptive transition services include:

Trial Transition and Rescue

  • Real Time Monitoring of Actual Study Progress and Milestones vs. Goals
  • Risk Assessments and Worst-Case / Best-Case Scenario Projections
  • Development of Trial Adaptive Transition Plans

Trial Rescue Solutions

  • Subject Level
    • Enhance Enrollment Planning
    • Use Additional Approved Subject Recruitment Tools Including Advertising
  • Site Level
    • Review Site Responsibilities and Augment Site Staffing
    • Provide Site Retraining
    • Site Closure and Replacement
  • Network Level
    • Clinical Network or Assay Lab Network Expansion
    • Network Reconfiguration

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