Human Capital

Cultivate Your Most Precious Resource - Your Staff

GBC helps clients recruit staff to ensure the effective execution of business strategy.  We provide management support in start-up or special situations and help clients maximize workforce performance. GBC human capital (human resources) services include:

Start-Up and Interim Management

All companies face periods when they need additional key talent or lose executive management expertise.  GBC offers start-up and interim management services to temporarily fill these gaps.  GBC fills the need for leadership and bridges capabilities to keep an organization moving forward until a permanent executive placement can be completed.  GBC has extensive management experience and can help you launch quickly and maintain initiatives on schedule.

Screening and Interview Support

GBC supports clients with candidate screening and interviews to assess key skill sets and to fill open positions including:

  • Executive Managers
  • Project Managers (PM)
  • Clinical Project Managers (CPMs)
  • Clinical Research Coordinators (CRCs)
  • Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)
  • Site Management Associates (SMAs)
  • Biorepository and Technical Staff

Performance Training and Development

GBC provides cost-effective education and development services to bring monitors, coordinators, sponsors and investigators up to speed in key operational and technical areas.  GBC supports targeted training programs to enhance staff skills in a variety of topics related to clinical research and biospecimen management.

  • Assessing Existing Skill Sets of Internal and External Teams
  • Development of Training Plans
  • Direct Training for Core Team Members
  • Team Meetings and One-on-One Training Sessions

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