Biospecimen Management

Efficiently Manage Your Biospecimen Supply Chain

GBC helps clients to better manage the standards and operations for existing and newly acquired biospecimen resources.  GBC biospecimen management services include:

Conventions for Biospecimen Identification

  • Barcode Labeling Standards and Uniqueness Control
  • Subject, Biospecimen, and Data Identification Linkages
  • Blinding, Double-Blinding, and Un-Blinding Schemas
  • De-Identification and Anonymization (De-linking)

Standards for Biospecimen Supply-Chain Logistics

  • Biospecimen Packaging and Storage Containers
  • Biospecimen Data Standards and Guidelines
  • Biospecimen Inventory Management Systems
  • Shipping and Transportation
    • Shipment Preparation
    • Ambient, Refrigerated, and Cryo-Shipping
    • Courier Coordination
    • Shipping Standards
  • Accession and Retrieval
  • Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Sample Selection Request Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Batch Preparation and Randomization for Testing
  • Final Disposition and Discard

Basic Biospecimen Quality Control

  • Minimum Sample Size and Volume Requirements
  • Confirmation of Diagnosis
  • Histopathology Quality (Size of Tumor Foci and Heterogeneity)
  • Nucleic Acid Quality – RNA Integrity Number (RIN)
  • Clinical Data Completeness

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