Study Supply Logistics

Delegate Your Study Supply Management Logistics to Us

GBC supports clinical trial supply chain logistics and helps clients improve the way they manage sourcing, production, inventories, and distribution of study supplies.  GBC crafts and implements tailored solutions across the study enterprise to ensure that all groups work together. GBC supply logistics services include:

Study Supply and Biospecimen Collection Kit Specifications

  • Study Supply Specifications (Material Specifications)
  • Custom Biospecimen Collection Kit Design
  • Prototyping, Production, and Distribution of Custom Biospecimen Collection Kits
  • Labeling and Barcoding Conventions
  • Work Flow Design and Linkage of Unique Identifiers to Materials and Data

Study Supply Management

  • Supply Forecasting
  • Coordination of Supply Production and Distribution
  • Shipping Logistics and Coordination
  • Supply Tracking and Reconciliation
  • Management of Logistics Service Providers

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