Common Biospecimen Indications And Acquisition Modes

Rely on Our Expertise to Define Your Needs for the Right Samples

GBC supports clients with formulating technical specifications for biospecimen requirements based on sample donor indications and collection modes.


  • Disease Specific Biospecimens (By Therapeutic Area or Tumor Type)
  • Malignant vs. Non-Malignant (Benign) Biospecimens
  • Pre-Malignant Conditions
  • Microorganism Positive vs. Negative
  • Treated vs. Untreated (Treatment Naïve) Subjects
  • Normal Control Reference Biospecimens (Comparator Biospecimens)
  • Disease Screening Samples

Acquisition Modes

  • Prospective or Retroscpective (Archival) Collection
  • Pre-treatment, Post-Treatment, and/or Serial Samples
  • Surgical Tissues
  • Post Mortem and Rapid Autopsy Tissues
  • Clinical Laboratory Discard
  • Archival (Banked) Frozen Biospecimens
  • Archival Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Blocks
  • Preparation of Contrived / Technical / Spiked Samples

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