Seattle’s INDI Acquired by Lung Cancer Tech Company Biodesix

Seattle’s Integrated Diagnostics Acquired by Lung Cancer Technology Company Biodesix

Colorado-based Biodesix, a company that creates technology around lung cancer, announced that it has acquired Seattle’s Integrated Diagnostics for an undisclosed sum.

Integrated Diagnostics, also known as Indi, develops a test that can rule out patients who do not have lung cancer using a simple blood draw, a less invasive and more cost-effective option than the traditional lung biopsy.

The test, called XL2, has completed extensive clinical tests but has not yet come to market, one of the main factors behind the acquisition.

“We’ve been actively exploring the optimal path to bring XL2 to the market since 2017, when we validated our test,” Integrated Diagnostics CEO Al Luderer said in a press release. “Indi and Biodesix share important values and technologic synergies that make this an ideal combination, including a singular focus on providing high-value, blood-based diagnostic products for lung disease and the expert application of advanced mass spectrometry and informatics. Additionally, we are impressed by Biodesix’s rapidly expanding commercial presence and extensive lung disease product pipeline.”

When patients have a suspicious nodule or lump in their lungs, the common next step is to have the nodule biopsied to check for lung cancer. Doctors using XL2 could instead draw blood and rule out patients whose nodules are benign, foregoing the painful and expensive procedure.

Integrated Diagnostics was founded in 2009, and its founders include genetics pioneer Leroy Hood. Its technology was developed at Hood’s Institute of Systems Biology, a research center in Seattle.

BY CLARE MCGRANE on July 9, 2018